General FAQ

There are 15 of us, and we would like to come in this Saturday…

Thank you for thinking of Marben for your group! We love hosting celebrations like yours. Please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your request

Can we do separate bills?

To ensure payment is able to be processed efficiently, we are unable to provide separate bills for groups over 10 guests. Your large group will be presented one bill at the end of your dining experience. We are able to process equal payments on multiple cards if your group should need.

I’m not sure how many people are coming, when do you need confirmation for this?

We completely understand that organizing so many busy friends is a challenge! Good on you for taking on that responsibility! We need to know how many people will be expected to attend 48 hours before your reservation.

Can I bring in my own wine? How much is corkage?

Of course! We have an amazing list of delicious varietals, but we understand what its like to find the perfect bottle. Please allow us to open and decant your bottle for you for $25 per bottle, with a maximum of 2 bottles per 4 guests.

We want to go to The Cloak Bar after dinner, can you reserve space for us?

Absolutely. Please make a note on your Marben reservation and we will do our best to ensure there is a space ready for you at The Cloak after dinner. Alternatively, click here to make a reservation at The Cloak.

Can we reserve a patio seat?

Patio seating is available on a first come first served basis. Because of our unpredictable weather we must reserve your table inside, and will do our best to accommodate your patio seating request based on weather and availability.

We love The Cloak, Can we have Marben Dinner down there?

Marben and the Cloak are separate entities. Their menus, music, and esthetic are intentionally paired with one another to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We do not offer The Cloak Menu items at Marben, and we do not offer Marben menu items at The Cloak.


Our aim is to ensure all guests joining us are able to enjoy the décor and atmosphere of the restaurant. When reserving the entire venue, you are welcome to decorate and customize the space as you wish. For large tables, we request no glitter, confetti or balloons. Birthday candles on cake are fine, as are tabletop party favors, name tags, etc.

I have SEVERE allergies to a number of things, is it safe for me to eat at Marben?

*We cannot guarantee zero cross contamination.* We work with a variety of ingredients throughout our kitchen. Our team of Chefs take your allergies and dietary restrictions seriously, and take all necessary measures to keep you safe.