“Like many Canadians, Marben has a story that begins far away. Marben’s namesakes, Mary and John (Ben, to his friends), made their first home in the quaint English village of Stonham Aspal. The kind of place where streets aren’t marked and numberless houses have names like ‘Bramley Hedge’ and ‘Garden Cottage’. The dinner parties went late, the drinks were poured long and a fry-up the next morning always sorted everyone out. It didn’t take long before Mary and John’s house became a home—a home they called Marben.

Marben’s proprietor Simon Benstead grew up in this home in Stonham Aspal and much like its namesake, the restaurant, feels like a home away from home. Warm hospitality produces the mesmerizing buzz of friends and family gathering around a table with food and drink, creating memories, laughing and sharing stories.”